Violence Against Journalists in Afghanistan (2001 - Present)
Circle size indicates number of incidents.
  • Total Accident: 1125

Project Overview

Journalists in Afghanistan work under extremely difficult circumstances and routinely face violence, threats, and intimidation that prevent them from carrying out their work. While many incidents go unreported, Internews partner Nai Supporting Afghanistan Open Media has collected hundreds of reports of such incidents. The map above represents ten years of data on violence against journalists in Afghanistan gathered by Nai's MediaWatch team.

Yearly Incidents of Violence Against Journalists, 2001-2020
Image of Yearly Incidents of Violence Against Journalists
Type of Incident v. Gender
Type of Incident v.Gender
  • Threatened
  • Beaten
  • Arrested
  • Killed
  • Kidnapped
  • Injured
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Top 5 Organizations Experiencing Violence